Quality Hand-Picked Organic Seaweed


We are situated in the southwest of Donegal where all our seaweed is sustainably harvested by hand. This allowing the growth of seaweeds every year.  


To ensure highest nutritional quality we only use wild naturally grown seaweed. The Wild Atlantic Waters along the Irish coast let the seaweed grow stronger thus containing even more healthy minerals and vitamins as we know from experiences handed down for centuries.

Health benefits of naturally grown seaweed is known for a long time in Ireland and many recipes are handed over from one generation to the next.

More and more nutritionists recommend edible seaweeds recognising  the health benefits provided.

Edible seaweed will get more and more important in future with the growing community of vegetarians and vegans realizing that specific sea vegetables provide high amounts of minerals, vitamins and trace elements. Some even offering a high amount of protein - like Nori containing up to 35% of dry matter depending on the harvesting period.

Our edible seaweed can be used in many different ways such as ground or flaked on salads and soups, whole as a vegetable, dried as a tasty healthy Snack like crispy Dillisk and Sea Spaghetti or added as an ingredient in dishes.

To be able to provide you with high quality seavegetables we only harvest naturally grown seaweed and only by hand in a sustainable way dependend on the rhythm of the tides, the season of the year and the weather conditions.

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