About us


Our mission is to offer the highest quality selection of hand-picked seaweed products to our customers. 



I was in the seaweed business already for 12 years as managing director

of a company producing health and beauty products from seaweed.


I decided to set up my own small company DonegalBay Seaveg specialising in dried seaweed.


To ensure only the highest quality for the customer Donegalbay Seaveg Ltd is organic certified by Organic Trust Ltd.


As it is important for me to have a sustainable way to deal with nature I harvest only by hand. This allowing the growth of seaweeds every year. Moreover with a regular harvesting all these seaweeds they come back with a stronger growth each season.


It was always important for me to operate in a substantial way I kept records for the past 12 years on the growth of each seaweed. Therefor I exactly know how to deal with all the different species.


Our generation is responsible for the future of our children. It is up to us to keep a good healthy Environment.

  • Healthy fresh produce from the Irish Sea

  • Certified Organic

  • Highest nutritional quality

  • Sustainable

  • Locally Sourced

  • Environmentally Friendly

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